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Experience my galleries to find the photos that move you. Images that mean something to you.
All my photos are limited to only 10 images so hurry up and get yours today.

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Timeless Planet  – Blog

Watch and read about my newest photography adventures and learn firsthand what’s it like to be a landscape photographer. It’s not always as glamorous as you might think.

License My Photographs

If you’re a travel agency, magazine, blog, ad agency, or a small business owner you can look through the many images I have captured from around the world and get an instant licensing quote.

Purchase the Book  – Timeless Planet

A unique and innovative fine art book series designed to show you the beauty of Mother Nature like never before while keeping you inspired every single day.

Meet the Artist

Moshe Levis

Landscape & Fine Art Photographer

People say I’m gifted with a keen eye for photography, a talent exposed by capturing our planet Earth’s most amazing creations: majestic mountains, magical waterfalls, golden roads, natural lakes and rivers, animals, etc.

My journey started only after I came to visit in the United States, having Wichita, Kansas as the first city of travel. The moment I experienced the large open spaces, the green fields and the changing landscapes I knew I had to start taking pictures. If not for myself, for the family and friends.

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