Limited Edition Photography Is An Asset to Buyers

When you buy a limited edition photograph you’re making a meaningful and long term investment, especially when the edition sells out. 

Limited editions are defined as a series of one photograph, with a predefined number of copies, produced using the same technique, resulting in prints of identical size, format and material. No additional copies of the same photograph can ever be produced once the number of copies in the Limited Edition series is exhausted.

All limited edition photographs by Moshe Levis come with a Certificate of Authenticity, detailing the photograph title, its copy number within that limited edition, materials, location, date, photographer’s signature etc.

When you acquire a limited edition photograph from Moshe Levis, you are getting an asset that can only go up in value. Once a limited edition series is exhausted, the sold copies value in secondary markets can skyrocket, as it is impossible to find additional copies anywhere. No supply plus demand equals very high prices.

Buying limited edition fine art photography, is not really buying. It is investing on an asset that has real value as there is an embedded worth in every art piece.

Why Would You Buy A Limited Edition From Moshe Levis?

Stunning landscapes, fine art paintings, home decoration, beautiful furniture. You surround yourself with things that make your environment more beautiful, more meaningful, more attractive, more you. Limited edition masterpieces by Moshe Levis are striking, breathtaking images from around the world – bursting with emotions and conversation topics.

Take a look at your walls.  What’s on them?  What do they say about you?

Purchasing an original limited edition photograph from Moshe Levis is more than buying a beautiful picture, it’s an investment for both you and our amazing planet.

I have come up with a brand new approach and strategy for selling my photography, and I believe that any photography buyer, art investor or anyone who cares about our planet, will love!

All of my limited edition photos are going to be limited to only 10 (I’m updating the website to it right now) which means they will be a lot more unique and increase their value as they sell out. Unlike other artists that “limit” their prints to 900 or so.

Buying the first picture of a limited run will make you an active investor of my artistic adventure. Thanks to your purchase I’ll be able to make the first order and save up for the gallery I plan to open in Los Angeles.  Other than owning an original and unique photograph you’ll be earning 30% of the profit coming from the other nine prints of that edition.

Saving the planet – I will be donating 30%, of every sold limited edition photograph, to organizations that focus on helping and reversing climate change.

With that, I welcome you to enjoy the photographs and share them with the world.


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