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To celebrate my new blog, I created a very big post that includes amazing photos (I took) from Italy. All photos are followed by text and helpful links. It took me a week to create this post so I hope you like it and that it helps you if you really are going on a vacation in Italy.

For the photographers out there. Below is my gear list:

On March of 2015 my wife and I stayed in Italy for almost 1 month, using AirBnB. It was our honeymoon vacation and we wanted to see as much as we could. We walked everywhere, about 10 miles a day.

Not having a car in Italy, makes you do that, walking, and lets you explore places you probably wouldn’t have.

Although, we had a great experience that time, the next time we are going to do Italy with a car.

The places you are about to see here are: Milano, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Sorento, Capri, Amalfi, Positano, Salerno and Napoli.

Start packing πŸ˜‰

Our First Stop – Milan (Milano)

1. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – Exterior (Front Central Door)

The Duomo

The Mighty Duomo by Moshe Levis. Below are directions from the airport.

In 1386, Archbishop Antonio da Saluzzo began construction of the cathedral. Start of the construction coincided with the ascension to power in Milan of the archbishop’s cousin Gian Galeazzo Visconti, and was meant as a reward to the noble and working classes, who had suffered under his tyrannical Visconti predecessor BarnabΓ². Before actual work began, three main buildings were demolished: the palace of the Archbishop, the Ordinari Palace and the Baptistry of St. Stephen at the Spring, while the old church of Sta. Maria Maggiore was exploited as a stone quarry. Enthusiasm for the immense new building soon spread among the population, and the shrewd Gian Galeazzo, together with his cousin the archbishop, collected large donations for the work-in-progress. The construction program was strictly regulated under the “Fabbrica del Duomo”, which had 300 employees led by first chief engineer Simone da Orsenigo. Orsenigo initially planned to build the cathedral from brick in Lombard Gothic style. – according to Wikipedia

2. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – Exterior (Sunrise)

Sunrise At The Duomo

Sunrise At The Duomo by Moshe Levis

3. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – Exterior (After Hours)

Six Centuries Later

Six Centuries Later by Moshe Levis

4. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – Exterior (Sunrise in black and white)

Black Duomo Sunrise

A Gothic Sunrise by Moshe Levis

5. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – Exterior (Yup, before the sun rises)

Duomo De Milano

Before The Day Begins by Moshe Levis

6. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – Interior

Opening hours:
every day (except 25th December) from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm. Last ticket 6.00 pm   

Winter opening times (November-April): 9.30 am – 5.15 pm
Summer opening times (May-October): 9.00 am – 5.45 pm

Holy Statue

Holy Statue by Moshe Levis

7. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – Interior

Looking Out For You

Looking Out For You by Moshe Levis

8. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – Interior

Big Organ

Big Organ by Moshe Levis

9. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – Interior

Svm Pastor Bonvs

Svm Pastor Bonvs

10. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – On Top of It

May God Be With You

May God Be With You by Moshe Levis

11. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – On Top of It

Top of Duomo Milano

Closer Than It Seems by Moshe Levis

12. Duomo Di Milano – Milan Cathedral – On Top of It

Old Neighbors

Old Neighbors by Moshe Levis

13. The Modern Milan City – From the Top of the Cathedral

Rising City

Rising City by Moshe Levis

14. The Modern Milan City – From the Top of the Cathedral

Rising City 2

Rising City 2 by Moshe Levis

15. The Modern Milan City – From the Top of the Cathedral

Rising City 3

Rising City 3 by Moshe Levis

16. Piazza Cordusio


Generali by Moshe Levis

17. Santa Maria delle Grazie – The Last Supper

You must schedule an appointment ahead of time. But just in case you didn’t, don’t give up. Walk there and ask if someone canceled by any chance. That’s what we did and we got in. But we went at the end of February – off season.

Where The Last Supper Lays

Where The Last Supper Lays by Moshe Levis

18. The Finger – Milan Bourse

Middle Finger Statue

Flipping the Bird by Moshe Levis

19. Monumento a Garibaldi

Statue In Front of Sforzesco 8bit

Monumento a Garibaldi by Moshe Levis

20. Inside Sforzesco Castle

Click here to find the castle on the map

Castelo Sforzesco

Castelo Sfornisco by Moshe Levis

21. Entrance to Sforzesco Castle

Entrance of Castelo Sforzesco

Entrance of Castelo Sforzesco by Moshe Levis

22. The Monumental Cemetery

Click here to find the Monumental Cemetery on the map

Milan Cemetery

Memories by Moshe Levis

23. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside

Click here for opening hours

Milan Cemetery

The Monumental Cemetery by Moshe Levis

24. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside

Life At the Cemetery

Life At the Cemetery by Moshe Levis

25. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside


Mourning by Moshe Levis

26. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside

Royal Monument

Royal Monument by Moshe Levis

27. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside

Fight Until the End

Fight Until the End by Moshe Levis

28. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside

On the Way to Heaven

On the Way to Heaven by Moshe Levis

29. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside – The Last Supper

The Last Supper Tumb

The Last Supper Tumb by Moshe Levis

30. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside


Angel by Moshe Levis

31. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside


INRI by Moshe Levis

32. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside


Porfavore by Moshe Levis

33. The Monumental Cemetery From the Inside

Dirty Gold

Dirty Gold by Moshe Levis

Second Stop – Venice (Venezia)

34. The View from Rialto Bridge

Click here to find out how to get to Rialto bridge from the train station

Sunset from Rialto Bridge

Rialto Kind of Sunset by Moshe Levis

35. Gondola Watching at Sunset

Gondola ride prices

Gondola Sunset Time

La Gondola by Moshe Levis

36. Strolling Trough the Streets On Magical Nights

Moon Above San Silvestro Church

Above San Silvestro by Moshe Levis

37. Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco at Night

Piazza San Marco Night by Moshe Levis

38. Discovering Small Bridges Along the City

A Small Bridge

Connected by Moshe Levis

39. Experiencing Romance Through Other People

Romatic Getaway Trail

Romatic Getaway Trail by Moshe Levis

40. Dining at Night In Front of the Rialto Bridge

Venice at Night #1

Romantic Nights by Moshe Levis

41. Trying On Venetian Masks

Venitian Masks

Venetian Masks by Moshe Levis

42. Looking At Perfectly Made Gondolas

Six Parking Gondolas

Perfection In Black

43. Getting Lost Through Narrow Paths

Down A Narrow Path In Venice

Down A Narrow Path In Venice by Moshe Levis

44. Having A Very Expensive Coffee At Piazza San Marco

Find out where there are live shows at the Piazza San Marco

Coffee at S. Marks

Coffee at S. Marks by Moshe Levis

45. Relaxing Night On The Rialto Bridge

A Venettian Experience in Black and White

A Venettian Experience in Black and White by Moshe Levis

46. Feeling Like You’re Part of An Old Movie Scene

Romantic Moment next to San Marco Vallaresso

Romantic Moments by Moshe Levis

47. Appreciating Your Love Ones On A Red Bench

Rebecca and Moshe Back Venice

In Love by Moshe Levis

48. Taking Creative Venetian Selfies With Your Wife (of girlfriend)

Creative Selfie

Venetian Style Selfie by Moshe Levis

49. Riding The Traghetto Because Gondolas Are Too Expensive

Traghetto Ride

Traghetto Ride by Moshe Levis

50. Watching A Gondolier, Park


Traghetto by Moshe Levis

51. Being Jealous Because They Have No Parking Problems

Parking Space

Parking Space by Moshe Levis

52. Amazing Glass Art

Glass Chandelier

Glass Chandelier by Moshe Levis

53. Amazing Glass Art – Same But Different

Glass Chandelier

Glass Chandelier Under by Moshe Levis

54. Santa Maria Della Salute

Click here for info about Santa Maria Della Salute

Inside of Santa Maria Della Salute

Santa Maria Della Salute by Moshe Levis

55. Candle Lighting Inside of Santa Maria Della Salute

For Lost Souls

For Lost Souls by Moshe Levis

56. Santa Maria Della Salute – Looking Up

Looking Up to Gold

Looking Up to Gold by Moshe Levis

57. Be Amazed by the Floating Architecture

Floating Architecture

Floating Architecture by Moshe Levis

58. Gallerie Dell’Accademia

Hours and tickets. Sometimes it’s free so don’t forget to ask


Gallerie Dell’Accademia by Moshe Levis

59. Walking Along The Canals

Out and About

Out and About by Moshe Levis

60. Getting Lost In Venice


Attraction by Moshe Levis

61. Keep Getting Lost In Venice

Lost In Venice

Lost in Venice by Moshe Levis

62. And Lost…

Sinking Beauty

Sinking Beauty by Moshe Levis

63. You Get The Point

Night Walk

Night Walk by Moshe Levis

64. From The Top of the Bell Tower

Venetian Time Machine

Venetian Time Machine by Moshe Levis

65. Church of S. Giorgio Maggiore

Giorgio Maggiore

Giorgio Maggiore by Moshe Levis

Third Stop – Florence (Firenze)

66. Florence From the Piazza Del Duomo

City of Florence Under the Moonlight

Florence Under the Moonlight by Moshe Levis

67. Piazza Del Duomo From Michelangelo Garden

Piazza Del Duomo Florence

Piazza Del Duomo by Moshe Levis

68. Ponte Vecchio Bridge During Sunrise

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Ponte Vecchio Bridge by Moshe Levis

69. Ponte Vecchio Bridge During Another Sunrise

Ponte Vecchio Bridge #3

Revelation by Moshe Levis

70. Ponte Vecchio Bridge During… Yup! Sunrise

Ponte Vecchio Bridge #2

Ponte Vecchio Bridge #2 by Moshe Levis

71. Ok Last One. Ponte Vecchio Bridge Black and White

Ponte Vecchio Bridge #2 Infrared

Ponte Vecchio Bridge BW by Moshe Levis

72. The Bell Tower From The Duomo

The Bell Tower from the Duomo Florence

The Bells Are Ringing by Moshe Levis

73. View From The Duomo’s Top

Sliding Down the Duomo

Sliding Down The Duomo by Moshe Levis

74. Cool Pathways Above the Arno River

The Arno Path

The Arno Path by Moshe Levis

75. David’s Leg

See the original David at the Accademia Gallery

Davids Leg

David’s Leg by Moshe Levis

76. David’s Nipple

Davids Right Side

David’s Nipple by Moshe Levis

77. David’s Power

Davids Hand

David All Mighty by Moshe Levis

78. Pretty Carousel at Piazza della Repubblica

I won’t tell you this is. Just walk and get lost a little. You’ll thank me. Everything is walking distance anyway πŸ™‚

Carousel In Florence

Piazza Della Carousella by Moshe Levis

79. Pretty Carousel Spinning at Piazza della Repubblica

Carousel In Florence #2

Piazza Della Spinna Carousella by Moshe Levis

80. Famous Statue of the Sabine Woman

The Sabine Women Closeup

The Sabine Woman

81. Santa Maria Cathedral – The Duomo

Santa Maria Cathedral Florence

Santa Maria by Moshe Levis

82. My Buddy Neptune

Fountain of Neptun

Fountain of Neptune by Moshe Levis

83. Piazza della Signoria From the Top of the Duomo

Miniature Florence 2

Miniature Florence by Moshe Levis

84. The Streets From the Top of the Duomo

Miniature Florence

Little Florence by Moshe Levis

85. Going Down the Stairs of the Duomo

Thus With A Kiss I Die

Thus With A Kiss I Die by Moshe Levis

86. Watching Over the City Through the Duomo

Florence from Duomo

Florence From the Duomo by Moshe Levis

87. Experiencing the Sunset On The Top Of The Duomo

Florentin Sunset

Florentin Sunset by Moshe Levis

Fourth Stop – Pisa

88. Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning by Moshe Levis

89. Leaning Tower of Pisa From the Other Side

Leaning Tower of Pisa reflection

Can You See Me Now? by Moshe Levis

90. Across From the Leaning Tower – Duomo Di Pisa

Duomo Pisa

Duomo Di Pisa by Moshe Levis

91. Inside the Duomo Di Pisa

Duomo Pisa Interior

Duomo Di Pisa Interior by Moshe Levis

92. The Arno River

Arno River Pisa

Arno River Pisa by Moshe Levis

93. Duomo Di Pisa On A Rainy Day

Cattedrale di Pisa Roof

Cattedrale Di Pisa by Moshe Levis

94. The Ceiling of the Duomo Di Pisa

Cattedrale di Pisa Ceiling

Cattedrale di Pisa Ceiling by Moshe Levis

95. Back to the Arno River

Arno River Curve Pisa

Arno River Curve by Moshe Levis

95.B. (added at the end) Watching The City Across The River

Pisa by The River

Pisa by The River

Fifth Stop – Rome (Roma)

96. The Colosseum – At Night

Collosseo at Night

Colosseo at Night by Moshe Levis

97. The Colosseum – In Black and White

Collosseo at Sunrise Infrared

Colosseo Infrared by Moshe Levis

98. The Colosseum – At Sunrise (It never gets boring)

Collosseo at Sunrise

Let The Games Begin by Moshe Levis

99. Inside The Colosseum

Collesseum Mighty Arches

Colosseum Mighty Arches by Moshe Levis

100. St Peter’s Basilica


St Peter’s Basilica by Moshe Levis

101. St Peter’s Basilica – Interior

Above Entrance to St Peter

Above the Entrance by Moshe Levis

102. St Peter’s Basilica – Interior (Center Dome)

Center Dome of St Peter

The Chosen Ones by Moshe Levis

103. St Peter’s Basilica – Interior (Center Dome)

St Peter Basilica

Golden Dome by Moshe Levis

104. St Peter’s Square (The Vatican) From the Top of the Duomo

Vatican City

Vatican City by Moshe Levis

105. Inside Musei Vaticani

Circular Stairs Vatican

Circular Stairs by Moshe Levis

106. More of the Inside of Musei Vaticani

Circular Stairs Vatican Down

Continuum by Moshe Levis

107. Piazza Venezia, Rome

Click here to find out where is Piazza Venezia on the map

Moustache Guy In Rome

Vittorio Emanuele II by Moshe Levis

108. Walking Around the Colosseum During Sunrise

Sunrise Collosseo and Arch

Colosseum and Arch by Moshe Levis

109. Back In To The Colosseum

Inside Colosseum 2

Inside the Colosseum 1 by Moshe Levis

110. One More

Inside Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum 2 by Moshe Levis

111. Walking At Night, Exploring the Streets

Cute Little Car

Cute Little Car by Moshe Levis

112. Relaxing With Some Hot Chocolate and Yummy Desert

Hot Chocolate Time

Hot Chocolate Time by Moshe Levis

113. Exploring the Roman Ruins

Arch of Titus

Arch of Titus by Moshe Levis

114. Seeing Rome From Above – View From St Peter

Roma by Moshe Levis

Roma by Moshe Levis

115. Don’t Forget the Colosseum Again πŸ˜‰

Colosseum by Moshe Levis

Colosseum by Moshe Levis

Fifth Stop – Napoli, Sorrento, Positano and the Amalfi Coast

116. Subway Train Station In Napoli (the most beautiful I have ever seen)

Napoli In Yellow

Napoli In Yellow

117. One More of the Subway

Escalators to Heaven by Moshe Levis

Escalators to Heaven by Moshe Levis

118. Center of Sorrento

Click here to find out how to get to Sorrento from Napoli

The Center by Moshe Levis

The Center by Moshe Levis

119. Sorrento At Night

A Sorento Traffic

Sorento Traffic by Moshe Levis

120. Sorrento Cathedral

Duomo Di Sorento by Moshe Levis

Duomo Di Sorento by Moshe Levis

121. Valley of Mills

Valley Of Mills by Moshe Levis

Valley Of Mills by Moshe Levis

122. Chasing the Positano Sunset

Take the bus to Amalfi Coast

Chasing The Positano Sunset by Moshe Levis

Chasing The Positano Sunset by Moshe Levis

123. Positano at Sunset


Positano by Moshe Levis

124. Positano at Dusk

Positano at Night

Positano at Night by Moshe Levis

125. The Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast by Moshe Levis

126. The Amalfi Coast From Above – Ravello

How to get to Ravello from Amalfi

Romantic Picnic In Front of Amalfi

Romantic at Amalfi by Moshe Levis

127. Nature Up at Ravello


Growth by Moshe Levis

128. Capri Island

Deals from Sorrento to Capri

Capri Island Port

Capri Island Port by Moshe Levis

129. Small Part of Capri Island

Houses of Capri Island

Houses of Capri Island by Moshe Levis

130. Up At the Capri Cliffs

How to get to the top of Capri

Above Capri Cliffs

Down the Cliffs by Moshe Levis

131. More of Capri Cliffs

Cliffs of Capri

Wow! by Moshe Levis

132. A Little More of Capri Cliffs

Highest Point on Capri

Highest Point of Capri by Moshe Levis

133. Guess Where… Yup. Capri Cliffs

Capri Cliffs Silhouette

Cliffs Silhouette by Moshe Levis

134. Sunset at the Ocean On the Way Back to Sorento

Colors of the Sunset

Colors of the Sunset by Moshe Levis

135. Arriving at Salerno

Getting to Salerno

Beautiful Day at Salerno by Moshe Levis

If you got this far it means you really need a vacation πŸ˜‰

What photo(s) did you like the most?

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