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August Is for Sand Dunes

August is one of the hottest months in most calendars and the word ‘hot’ can immediately make us think about deserted and dry places where we imagine mostly dry or dead trees and bushes, lots of reptiles and insects and almost no water.

As a photographer, I learned to find beauty in almost every place on the planet. No matter how shallow and boring people think that place can be.

Believe it or not, when you capture so many beautiful landscapes your mind starts looking for more and more appealing locations and it turns you to a “landscape snob” as my wife like to say. It’s getting harder and harder for Mother Nature to impress you. This is when you learn to see the hidden beauty most people can’t.

Let’s take for example sand dunes. They are pretty similar in size and shape everywhere in the world, but when you take your time to absorb your surrounding you can just stop time from moving. That’s when everything becomes quiet and all your worries are gone! That’s the moment your creativity starts working in full power and you discover the real beauty of Mother Nature.

My August will be dedicated to sand dunes and the creativity they inspired in me.

The entire sand dunes limited edition collection will slowly be available to purchase through my page on Saatchi Art via the button below.

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