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September Waterfalls


As the month of September is a pretty hot month so far here in Los Angeles, I thought it would be a great idea to showcase photos of some refreshing and mesmerizing waterfalls I captured here in America.

There is no one particular reason I can point at for why we like waterfalls so much, but most people simply love them and are in awe whoever they get to experience them. Big or small, a waterfall will always make your day better.

As a photographer I get to do more than looking at these waterfalls and enjoy their powerful energy. I get to share them with the world, with those who may never be able to see them firsthand.

Believe it or not, photographing a waterfall can sometimes be very tricky, exhausting and even discouraging. Why? Mainly because of wind conditions, populated waterfalls, bad tripods, dirty lenses and so many others. But once you overcome every single obstacle and you finally capture the photo you had in mind you feel invincible!

Just like the waterfall in the image below, which I named “The Nemesis”.

The Nemesis

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