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Ansel Adams Made Me Go Tthere | Timeless Planet Episode 1

“I want the first episode of Timeless Planet, to be in Mesquite sand dunes” I told one of my friends. I also asked him to join me, but he said it will be too hot there to do anything. Like, 115 degrees hot.

Challenge accepted!

I made it my mission to go out to Death Valley (where the dunes are) and shoot the first episode no matter what. Heck, it could probably be a cool and funny episode just because it’s too hot.

If you don’t know by now, my show is called Timeless Planet and it’s a landscape photography show that showcases photobooks by traveling the world using super speed.

The first book I chose for the show was Ansel Adams In The National Parks. It’s a must have photo book about Ansel Adams, probably the most influential landscape photographer of all time. Mostly everyone knows who Ansel Adams is… even if they know absolutely nothing about photography.

His book contains breathtaking imagery and a lot of interesting information about him and his life as a photographer, piano teacher, husband, etc. Definitely a good read, and without a doubt an inspiring photo book.

The day had finally arrived. It was a Monday, so I hoped there would be almost no tourists there to interrupt the shooting and filming. Plus, no people means no footprints on the sand dunes. Best thing a photographer could wish for. Isn’t it?

The drive to Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley is about 4 hours from Hollywood, my home, and since I’ve done a couple road trips already and drove for extensive hours, that drive went pretty fast.
Sorry, did I say drive? I meant ran there in super speed!

Getting there was easy as I just said, but getting out of the car was a whole different story. It was so freakin’ hot by the time I got there. It was around 12pm and it was 115 degrees, so when I got out of the car I pretty much got back in it immediately. I started to doubt myself and didn’t know if I could actually film anything in that heat.

But I had to!  I grabbed my photography equipment and started hiking into the dunes.

The rest is better watched than read, so check out the first episode of Timeless Planet: Why I almost died because of Ansel Adams Doing Landscape Photography.

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