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A gloomy morning is almost the norma in Portland, Oregon. For that reason I wasn’t surprise to be out shooting in a cloudy weather.  It wasn’t hot but it also wasn’t cold.  Maybe a rad wet.

Portland is really a beautiful city that is active, fun and full of great coffee, but I would say that one of their greatest gems is the Portland Japanese Garden.

The other day, I drove to Portland from Los Angeles – Click this link to read about it – and I had to make at least one stop at the Portland Japanese Garden.  For those of you who don’t know, their garden contain one of the most photographed Japanese Maple tree.  Photographers from all over the world go to that garden just to photograph it.  Me included.

I first visited the garden in the beginning of May, 2017. The season gave the tree some beautiful red colors.  This time around, July, the tree was mostly green which is new to me.  I decided to make a video about it and share my thoughts on how I go about editing it.

I was focusing more on the thinking behind the edit, rather than showing how to edit, for the simple reason that there are endless tutorials out there that do a much better job than me, teaching exactly that.

Other than that I also show you what might made my photograph stand out against all the other Maple Tree images you’ll find out there.

So, if you’re interested in understand my edit rather than seeing how to edit, you might enjoy the video below.

Below the video is a small photo gallery of the photos I captured in the Portland Japanese Garden.

Comment below if you have questions, suggestions or you just want to say Hi.

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