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The Missing Faberge Eggs

An inspiring tradition

The Faberge Eggs. More Than Just Eggs!

Tsar Alexander III, was born in mid 19th century.  Emperor of Russia, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland and a loving husband. He loved Empress Maria Feodorovna, very dearly and did everything he could to make her happy. To see a smile of excitement on her face.

In 1885, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, Alexander decided to do something different. The inspiration for it, most likely, came from the Empress’s aunt, Princess Vilhelmine Marie of Denmark, who owned a marvelous Easter egg that captivated Maria’s imagination in her childhood.

And so, Tsar Alexander commissioned master jeweler, Peter Carl Faberge, to craft him the Hen Egg.  The Hen Egg is a very clean and unique masterpiece of a jewelry.  The egg shell is an opaque white that opens to reveal a matte yellow-gold yolk.  Inside the open egg, a multicolored gold hen that also opens.  Inside the hen, a minute diamond replica of the imperial crown from which a small ruby pendant was suspended.  Unfortunately these last two elements have been lost.

A beautiful tradition, created out of love.

That egg was a heaven-sent gift to Maria. She was so delighted, that Alexander had commissioned Carl Faberge to design another egg the next year.  It became a beautiful tradition, for Maria to receive the world’s most beautiful and surprising Easter eggs.

The Missing Faberge Eggs

“The Missing Faberge Eggs”

In total, Peter Carl Faberge, crafted 69 jeweled eggs, of which 57 survive today.  To express how rare and luxurious these eggs are nowadays, in 2013, Victor Vekselberg revealed he had spent over $100 million, purchasing nine certain Faberge eggs.

The story behind the Faberge eggs is a favorite of mine, for two reasons: first, because it was a tradition created to express love and inspire someone else.  Second, Peter Carl Faberge was given complete freedom for the design of the eggs.  His creativity and imagination is what really made this tradition go in the history books.

There are still a few missing Faberge eggs so if you happen to find any you’ll be the luckiest person in all of history.  Not only you’ll make a fortune, but also you get to be a hero who helped tell a lost tale and restore pieces of time itself.

I’m happy to reveal that I have found some missing Faberge eggs, but not the actual ones.  What I found was almost as good because I learned about a beautiful tradition that was created out of love.  That tradition is what inspired me to capture this image.

With that, I present to you The Missing Faberge Eggs.

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