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Hi, I’m Moshe Levis.

People say I’m gifted with a keen eye for photography, a talent exposed by capturing our planet Earth’s most amazing creations: majestic mountains, magical waterfalls, golden roads, natural lakes and rivers, animals, etc.

My journey started only after I came to visit in the United States, having Wichita, Kansas as the first city of travel. The moment I experienced the large open spaces, the green fields and the changing landscapes I knew I had to start taking pictures. If not for myself, for the family and friends.

Growing up in Israel, in a city environment, my gift for photography was kept in a state of hibernation. I did not grow up taking pictures of every little thing I saw nor did I get my first camera when I was just a child (although I was always fascinated by my grandpa’s camera collection).

After leaving the Israeli Air-force, which is a mandatory service, I could finally start my life and chase my dreams. Photography was not at all part of those dreams.

A few months before booking my flight, to the US, I planed on traveling and creating new adventures and exciting life with the first girl I loved, but when it came down to the moment of truth, we realized we were dreaming in different directions. Heart broken but excited, I finally booked my first flight to the US.

The Fuji Finepix S5600 was my first digital camera, at the age of 20, and that’s the camera I took with me to the U.S. It was a great camera for at the time. Not too complicated, not too heavy, no interchangeable lenses; but also not a pocket camera. Perfect for taking quality photos of my new adventures.

After being a full time graphic designer in the clothing industry, I realized how fascinated I was when seeing all the beautiful and creative editorial photos in the fashion photography world. That was when I first picked up my camera to take photos I envisioned rather than just clicking the shutter release button. There was so much to learn about the different settings of the camera and about techniques and how to get out of Auto mode…  Self taught, I captured better and better photos, more of what I wanted and less of what the camera wanted.

Friends and family and even strangers complimented my photography, appreciating the creativity and the ability to frame a scene… a moment in time. Although the Fuji Finepix S5600 was good for getting more experience and confidence, it wasn’t good enough to start taking professional photos, meaning, charging for the service.  I decided it was time to invest in a more professional camera. My first entry level digital camera with a cropped sensor, the Pentax k-r. That camera changed my life, by making me realize what my real passion was. It wasn’t only photography, which I love, but the fact that I noticed how calming, fulfilling, fun, beautiful and spiritual it was to take photos of our ever evolving planet: Earth.

Taking those breathtaking photos wasn’t enough, something was missing, and soon I understood what it was. Taking photos and viewing them through your computer screen is fun, but it’s lacking the physical experience of holding a picture, the reason for capturing a moment – to suddenly see it and relive your experience, by printing and hanging the photo. It reminded me I missed the old days when I used to go to the local camera store and develop my rolls of film from when I went on trips with friends and family. These where not professional, but they had meaning. They showed moments of love, happiness, sadness, fun and moments you took for granted (before you saw the pictures).

Nikon D800e was the turning point of my photography career. My first professional full frame digital camera. It symbolized a new era, success, new goals and dreams, love (for I purchased the camera with the love of my life), and last but not least, the capability of printing my masterpiece landscapes and fine art photographs on a much larger scale. This is when I really started my most challenging adventure yet.

We know by now that everything is embedded in our genes, our mental and physical traits. So even-though – believe it or not – my grandpa did not really take any professional photos maybe somewhere down the family tree someone was a talented aspiring photographer.

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