Surface Dial for Photoshop

I have been looking for a good tutorial or simple setup for the Surface Dial that will me it easy and fun to use with Photoshop but I couldn't find anything. Most of the videos are reviews and unboxing of the Surface Dial. No one put up a tutorial on how to add...

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September Waterfalls

September Waterfalls   As the month of September is a pretty hot month so far here in Los Angeles, I thought it would be a great idea to showcase photos of some refreshing and mesmerizing waterfalls I captured here in America. There is no one particular reason I...

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Born to Inspire

Born to Inspire When you think about the word 'inspiration' what's the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a photograph of an amazing waterfall somewhere far away? Maybe it's an image of your favorite wildlife? Maybe it's not even an image, maybe its a song you...

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August Is For Sand Dunes

August Is for Sand Dunes August is one of the hottest months in most calendars and the word 'hot' can immediately make us think about deserted and dry places where we imagine mostly dry or dead trees and bushes, lots of reptiles and insects and almost no water. As a...

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10 Places You Must Visit While In Los Angeles

If you are visiting California you will probably find yourself in Los Angeles at some point.  Below are 10 places that you don't want to miss out. 10 locations that you must see.  In addition to show you these places I will tell you where they are so you can...

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Why I Moved All My Photos From Etsy to Saatchi Art

When you imagine a successful fine art and landscape photographer, what do you see? Huge exposure in magazines, blogs, billboards etc.? Or maybe it's just large numbers of sales? Maybe it's both? As fine art and landscape photographers, we wish our photos will be seen...

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Sand dunes are one of photographers' most delightful photos when it comes to landscape and nature photography. There is just something so magical about them. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. These photos were taken in Death Valley National Park and Imperial Sand...

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Upper Mesa Falls, Idaho

Upper Mesa Falls is a waterfall on the Henrys Fork in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Upstream from Lower Mesa Falls, it is roughly 16 miles (26 km) away from Ashton, Idaho. Upper Mesa Falls is roughly 114 feet (35 m) high and 200 feet (61 m)...

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Siri vs. Google Assistant

Sometimes you just have to do things that are not related to what you usually do, just to keep your creativity flowing, your sense of humor going and your friends laughing. Here's a match between Siri and Google Assistant. It was fun to create haha! If we're already...

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If You’re Happy I’m Happy. Love, Dad.

About 31 years ago, I met one of the most important people in my life, without him I probably wouldn't be alive to tell you this story. When do you really start appreciating your dad? Is it when you live tens of thousands of miles away from him, and when you get a...

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10 Italian Photos That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

If you haven't been to Italy it can be hard to fathom the power and size of some churches and architecture. You might have seen these famous locations on television and in many photos but some of you probably didn't experience them like my wife and I did. We created a...

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