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Minerals Paradox


Buying the first picture of a limited run will make you an appreciated investor of my artistic adventure.  Other than owning an original and unique photograph you’ll be earning 30% of the profits from the remaining nine prints.


The photographer reserves the right to reproduce this image for use in greeting cards, calendars, books and for any other promotional purposes. Refunds are only offered if the print is damaged on arrival and reported no later than 14 days after delivery. You may be charged customs duties and taxes for this print.

All limited edition prints are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

Minerals Paradox

Finding a composition, for me, is more than just setting up your camera and looking through the viewfinder or live view (the LCD screen).  It’s more than just aiming a lens at an interesting subject and framing it perfectly.  It’s even more than just trying to be unique and creative with my photography.

Finding a composition, for me, is actually a big part of the entire photography adventure.

Finding the composition for, Minerals Paradox for example, took about three days, starting at the drive from Los Angeles to Portland, OR, a drive that takes about 15 hours in one go.  I did it in 19 because I had to stop at Mount Shasta for a quick video.

After finally getting into Portland I met up with a friend to start the actual photography adventure.  We drove on and off the road in order to be creative and find compositions of landscapes that truly inspired us, and one of these compositions was – you guessed it – Minerals Paradox.  That composition was found in one of the many waterfalls in Washington near Portland.

Once we arrived at the waterfall parking lot, we went on a quick scouting op to decide if we wanted to break out our cameras.  The scouting was a success because we did find inspiring images to have.  We went back to the car to gear up and just as we were ready, we had unexpected guests.

A couple of large pickup trucks with about eight people parked near us and completely destroyed the calmness and solitude of Mother Nature.  Did I mention they had swimsuits and towels with them? Yeah, they did.

I went down towards the waterfall and had to wait until they were done playing, jumping, screaming and diving under the waterfall.  You can imagine it took a while, so I tried shooting around them and found other inspiring areas in the meantime.

When they finally left the scene, I went down to the bottom of the waterfall, set up my camera on the tripod, framed my shot, made the settings are correct  for proper exposure and pressed that shutter release button.

What separates us, photographers, from the rest of the world is that we’ll take as long as we need in order to reach that one moment of pressing the button.  That little press of a button took me about 1,000 miles away from home.

So, when I say that finding a composition is more than just framing a beautiful picture, I mean it.

Title: Minerals Paradox

Edition Size: 1/10

Paper Size: 40″ x 36″

Print Size: 36″ x 32″

Paper: Archival Luster photographic paper

Signature: Signed and numbered on the front.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

© 2018 Moshe Levis Fine Art Photography