CONVICT MOON / California

Nature's Corridor

Edition Size 400 Limited; 20 Artist Proof

+ Focal Length: 24mm
+ Aperture: f/11
+ Shutter Speed: 20 seconds
+ ISO: 100
+ Camera: DSLR Nikon D800e

This is a museum quality photograph. The highest quality offered for museums, galleries and corporate use.

Convict Lake, California, is one of those locations you just have to go back to in different seasons and capture it.

When I went with my friend Rich, who is a fantastic photographer himself, to Convict like to catch a freezing sunrise back in December of 2014, I moved around a lot. Not only because I wanted to capture photos that no one else captured, but also because it was so freakin’ cold. My toes froze. No joke.

Looking around the lake, and not always into the lake, pointing the obvious image every tourist takes, makes you appreciate and connect with your surrounding. You start seeing the beauty ever time you turn your head.

Shooting in that direction (left to the lake) got me a different perspective. One that not too many people capture. Especially during a sunrise. And as you can see (maybe you can’t) the sun hasn’t risen yet and the moon decided to say hello.

I always capture photos in color and if needed/desired convert them to black and white. In this case, converting to black and white worked gave the image the feeling I wanted to express (at least to my opinion) – what it felt like, exploring the unknown in a freezing cold morning.

Have you ever been to Convict Lake?