I was going through my photos from a trip my wife and I took, to Paso Robles California. I needed something new and a little different from all my other images and I found this picture. RAW. Waiting there among all the other photos, just waving at me 😉

I decided to pick this picture and process it in a way that shows what really is going on here in California, with the drought and all that you know?! Yes, California is in a drought and probably most of the lakes here are nearly empty. The fish can barely breath!

While many landscapes share a similar color tone – orange, there are the exceptional places, a little north (about 2 hour drive) from Los Angeles, where you can find the endless stretch of green and simply gorgeous vineyards. They actually say that the wine is much better because of this drought.

So as we came to a stop in front of these two beautiful little hills I composed a picture that reminded my old Windows Desktop background. Now I’m using mac (off to Yosemite haha).

I call the picture “Fine Wine”

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Edition Size 400 Limited; 20 Artist Proof

+ Focal Length: 110mm
+ Aperture: f/10
+ Shutter Speed: 1/250 second
+ ISO: 100
+ Camera: DSLR Nikon D800e

This is a museum quality photograph. The highest quality offered for museums, galleries and corporate use.