Many times, when I saw photos of waves I thought it’s not that difficult to capture.

Although, technically, it is not difficult to press the shutter release with all the proper settings, it is challenging to frame the best moment, the most appealing second of the wave, forming and racing to reach the shoreline.

When taking photos of the ocean waves, every friction of a second can make or break an amazing shot.

I chose this one wave photo since it attracted me emotionally and esthetically. I hope I did well. What do you think?

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Edition Size 400 Limited; 20 Artist Proof

+ Focal Length: 200mm
+ Aperture: f/7.1
+ Shutter Speed: 1/500 second
+ ISO: 100
+ Camera: DSLR Nikon D800e

This is a museum quality photograph. The highest quality offered for museums, galleries and corporate use.