Nature's Corridor

Edition Size 400 Limited; 20 Artist Proof

+ Focal Length: 120mm
+ Aperture: f/5.6
+ Shutter Speed: 1/5000 second
+ ISO: 50
+ Camera: DSLR Nikon D800e

This is a museum quality photograph. The highest quality offered for museums, galleries and corporate use.

It was getting dark as you can see. The sun was going down really fast but I didn’t want to miss any opportunity.

We were on the way home from Redlands to Los Angeles, my wife and I. ¬†We didn’t take the usual and faster route but the scenic and longer one. We wanted to explore some more of California.

Along one of the highways, I asked her to stop because I saw the sun rays through a chain of mountains, but by the time we could stop and get out of the car, the moment was gone. Instead, cam another moment, with beautiful flowers backlight by the sun. Just like this one.