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The Conductor

The Conductor

I was definitely not the only photographer there that morning.  It is near Zabriskie Point after all, a very popular location for photographers and tourists in general.

Many people think that capturing an image is a matter of finding a nice composition and pressing the shutter release button.  What they don’t know is that sometimes the way to getting to that moment of truth, the pressing of the button, could be extremely frustrating.

This picture, The Conductor, almost didn’t happen that morning.  Not because of the landscape, people, nature etc, but because of me and my mistakes.  It was just before sunrise when I arrived at the parking lot for Zabriskie Point. I grabbed my camera and tripod, got out of the car and ran up the hill.

After getting to a spot I was happy with, I set up the camera on the tripod and framed the beautiful peaks.  After taking a few test shots I finally realized I was taking demo shots – demo shots are a couple images that are saved in the camera because a memory card is not inserted – so I started getting mad at myself.  I was so upset and frustrated and I ran down to my car to get the memory card.

That whole process took a lot of energy and other than tire me it got me in a bad mood because I was about to miss the sunrise. The moments where light was supposed to hit in certain areas.  I only had that one chance since I didn’t know when would be the next time I’ll visit Zabriskie Point again.

I was pretty lucky because when I got back up the sun was just rising and I had time to recompose my shot.  All was not lost!

While capturing Zabriskie, I’ve done what most photographers didn’t. I looked around.  At the corner of my eye, I saw that one inspired person who climbed up the mountain (probably for a breathtaking view) and as he reached the top of the mountain, the sunlight followed.

Just like other images I capture, I titled that image before I even captured it.  The dominant mountain performed in perfect harmony with the rising sun and the touch of clouds above.  It was almost like watching the conductor of the philharmonic making magic happen.

I wonder if one day, that person, will find out it’s them.  If you think it’s you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Limited Edition

Edition Number: 1/10″

Paper size: 54″ x 36

Print size: 50″ x 32″

Paper: Kodak ENDURA Metallic


Buying the first picture of a limited run will make you an appreciated investor of my artistic adventure.  Other than owning an original and unique photograph you’ll be earning 30% of the profits from the remaining nine prints.


The photographer reserves the right to reproduce this image for use in greeting cards, calendars, books and for any other promotional purposes. Refunds are only offered if the print is damaged on arrival and reported no later than 14 days after delivery. You may be charged customs duties and taxes for this print.

All limited edition prints are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.


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