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The Devil’s Rage

Edition Size 400 Limited; 20 Artist Proof

+ Focal Length: 102mm
+ Aperture: f/13
+ Shutter Speed: 1/250 second
+ ISO: 200
+ Camera: DSLR Nikon D800e

This is a museum quality photograph. The highest quality offered for museums, galleries and corporate use.

Taking photos, like no other, of famous and touristic locations is a must if you want to be different and unique.

This photo from Devil’s Postpile is one of a kind. So far šŸ˜‰

The name ā€œDevilā€™s Postpileā€ refers to a dark cliff ofĀ columnar basalt.Ā Radiometric datingĀ indicates the formation was created by a lava flow at some time less than 100,000 years ago.