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The Devil's Rage

The Devil’s Rage

About 100,000 years ago a cooling lava flow cracked into multisided columns and created what you might know as the Devil’s Post Pile, located in north east California, near Mammoth Lakes.

When I first got to Devil’s Post Pile I was amazed to see the formation of columns and huge pile of hardened lava rocks.  It was the first time I’ve seen something in that nature, but even though it was new to me I struggled to find a composition that I loved.  It felt like there was too much to capture in one single shot and I did not want to create a photograph that other photographers already made.

After “snapping” the most common pictures my imagination started firing.  I started seeing more opportunities for much creative images.  I started thinking of ways to show where I was without fitting the whole place in my shots and that’s when I changed lenses, from wide angle shots to tighter shots.

I feel that this photograph represents Devil’s Post Pile in a way other images don’t because you’re able to see the past, present and future of Mother Nature.  You can see how the posts rose to enormous columns, how they cracked with time and how they fell and keep falling onto the ground.

The choice of black and white rather than color, for this image, was to keep you focused on the eventful place and it’s textures that were shaped through time as the seasons pass.

The columns you see in this picture may have fallen by now. You’ll only know if you’ll go and visit Devil’s Post Pile.


Limited Edition

Edition Number: 1/10″

Paper size: 54″ x 36

Print size: 50″ x 32″

Paper: Kodak ENDURA Glossy “F”


Buying the first picture of a limited run will make you an appreciated investor of my artistic adventure.  Other than owning an original and unique photograph you’ll be earning 30% of the profits from the remaining nine prints.


The photographer reserves the right to reproduce this image for use in greeting cards, calendars, books and for any other promotional purposes. Refunds are only offered if the print is damaged on arrival and reported no later than 14 days after delivery. You may be charged customs duties and taxes for this print.

All limited edition prints are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.


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