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The Magic of Latourell

The Magic of Latourell

From Los Angeles to Minnesota and back through Portland, Oregon.  That’s how we ended up gazing at the beautiful Latourell Falls.

When you first get to beautiful Portland, you know that you must go explore the beautiful Columbia Gorge.  You have to find the famous waterfalls and hiking trails you see mentioned everywhere in travel websites and blogs in general.

One of these waterfalls called Latourell which is unique among the best-known Columbia Gorge waterfalls, in the way that it drops straight down from an overhanging basalt cliff.

Experiencing and exploring different waterfalls is something that just doesn’t get old.  Every waterfall has its own unique character, even if it looks similar to other waterfalls.  The way it was shaped into what it is today, or the way it free falls from a certain height and what it smashes on and so on.

The magic of Latourell (as the its title), in my opinion, is the way the sun lights up the greenery and basalt cliff and the way it shines on the waterfall itself.  It’s as if Latourell puts on a show that only the lucky and patient enough people get to see.

I definitely fall in the group of lucky patient people and I thank Mother Nature for smiling at me every time I go out shooting.


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