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The Scream

The Scream

The title of this image should give you a big hint why I named titled it the Scream, but in case you don’t know, there is a famous painting called The Scream. Go ahead, Google it.

This photograph was taken on an adventure near Mammoth Lakes, California. My wife and I went exploring some paths we haven’t walked through yet and we found all sorts of interesting subjects to photograph.

It was a pretty nice day when we got there, blue skies, some harmless clouds and beautiful conditions to photograph the surroundings, and even though I captured a few good landscapes images that day, I want to express that this tree trunk let me create an abstract image that I absolutely love and consider the best photograph from that little exploration.

When I saw that tree trunk I immediately thought about the famous painting by Edvard Munch.  I framed it according to what I remembered from that painting and pressed the button.

Other than the resemblance for The Scream, you can open your mind and imagine something else completely. The way time shaped this tree is just remarkable.  All the wavy lines, along with the random holes, create a unique landscape with mountains, rivers and lakes.

Limited Edition

Edition Number: 1/10″

Paper size: 54″ x 36

Print size: 50″ x 32″

Paper: Kodak ENDURA Glossy “F”


Buying the first picture of a limited run will make you an appreciated investor of my artistic adventure.  Other than owning an original and unique photograph you’ll be earning 30% of the profits from the remaining nine prints.


The photographer reserves the right to reproduce this image for use in greeting cards, calendars, books and for any other promotional purposes. Refunds are only offered if the print is damaged on arrival and reported no later than 14 days after delivery. You may be charged customs duties and taxes for this print.

All limited edition prints are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.


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