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The Magic of Latourell


While some of you may recognize this tree, many of you might not. Even if you took a photo of it in the past, you may think it’s a different tree.  Well… It’s not. This is the Japanese Maple Tree located in the Portland Japanese Garden.

When it comes to famous photography spots and touristic locations I always try capturing what no one else has.  When you google Japanese Maple Tree you’ll find thousands of images of that particular tree.  Some say it is the most photographed tree in the US.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) most photographers focus on capturing this bonsai tree in whole and they completely forget that there is more to this tree.

After finally arriving at the Portland Japanese Garden, after craving a trip there, I found that magnificent tree and spent about three hours photographing it.  One of the best models I’ve worked with (haha).  There was no way in the world I let myself leave without unique images that show the inner beauty and complexity of that tree.

Moving around and composing different part of it opened my eyes to a more creative state of mind and if I didn’t have to eventually leave I would have probably spent another three hours there, documenting it from every possible angle, depth of field and focal length.

If there is one thing I’m sure of, is that I’ll show you more of this tree and its magic.

Limited Edition Prints

Date Taken: 05/12/2017

Camera: Nikon D800e

Lens: Nikkor 24-120mm


Tryptich Print size: 3 prints (36″ x 18″ each)

Edition Number: 1/10

Paper: Luster

Price: $2,100


Buying the first picture of a limited run will make you an appreciated investor of my artistic adventure.  Other than owning an original and unique photograph you’ll be earning 30% of the profits from the remaining nine prints.


The photographer reserves the right to reproduce this image for use in greeting cards, calendars, books and for any other promotional purposes. Refunds are only offered if the print is damaged on arrival and reported no later than 14 days after delivery. You may be charged customs duties and taxes for this print.

All limited edition prints are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

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